[God & Devil World] Chapter 192: The mighty IFV

moving-house1This chapter is sponsored by William Magallanes & Micheal Somer

So sorry, please bear with us while we move house. We were busy packing and getting our stuff moved. We could not afford to hire a moving company so we have to move boxes by hand carry using public transport. This is very time consuming as the bus took 1 hour to reach there and 1 hour back, and I did not have much time to translate. I guess I could only translate one chapter a day until our house moving is completed. We seek your kind understanding.

But all will return to normal by next Monday. We plan to move tomorrow and gave ourselves one more day just in case. While we were moving, there will be fewer chapter release. So sorry for all the inconvenience caused.

One reader remarked, can you translate more chapters each day? We only take 3 minutes to read one chapter.

Dear reader, I apologise. I take 4-5 hours to translate one chapter. Try translating a 3000 words chapter in 3 mins in any language to English.  I am sure you will find it impossible to do so. I am also human and I got human needs too. Right now, you caught me at a bad time, when I am moving house and could not spend too much time translating. If I don’t move, I do not have a roof over my head -> no electricity -> no internet -> no new chapters anymore.  It is so much faster to read then to translate and type it out yes? So please be patient.


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[VW: Conquer the World] Chapter 11: Purple Rhyme

Elderly woman with cupboard

Another Elderly with Cardboard boxes. And no, it is not the one we brought from. The above is another picture we found on the internet. What I just want to say is, it is a sad story to see so many elderly struggling to survive. 

Did Fruits and Veggies find the woman we met yesterday?


He found another elderly lady collecting cardboard boxes, and offered her $10 for about 20 boxes. 

She was jubilant and wanted to give him the entire thing trolley full of boxes, but he declined. She tried to said something. He pointed to his ears and shook his hand to tell her he is deaf. She just smiled at him. 

A smile is a universal language. Seeing her smile with her toothless grin made Fruits and Veggies feel euphoric. 

We used to have Confucious values such as filial piety and taking care of old folks. Today’s world seemed like every man for themselves. Sometimes, in the pursuit of money, we lose sight of the plight of the penniless and disadvantaged among us.

I wonder what can I do to help these elderly folks… Then I realised that I do not have the power to help everyone who needs help. I am not superman. But I will endeavour to do the best I to help my fellow men, in whatever way I can. I guess that why Fruits and Veggies and I love to organise support for orphans or elderly.

 Doing all these small acts of kindness and helping whoever we can is very satisfying. Today I am glad to note that our donation for the orphan home had exceeded $300. My initial target was $200. I want to say a big thank you to all readers and donors for making this possible. And this time, on Dec 18th we will try to take pictures show you the smiles of the children whose life you touched. I am sure you will grin like Fruits & Veggies’ silly smile when you discover how much you meant to the children. God bless you! 

P.S. Readers, you have achieved another gold medal by commenting and raising funds for charity. 🙂 See here http://youjinsite.com/donations-2/christmas-charity-donation-drive/

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[God & Devil World] Chapter 191 A very difficult battle!

This chapter is dedicated to Brian Rose as a special thanks chapter for donating to the children of the orphan home.

To all the people who have risen from the challenges of being born with less than perfect genes, worldwide. Happy International Day!

Enjoy the uplifting video of this girl who lost her leg, but not her love for dance: See more about this girl here. 



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[LBD&A] Chapter 49: Even the best laid plans were no match for sheer power

The sexy concubine xu

The pretty but deadly Concubine Xu. Can you see her fox tail?

This chapter is sponsored by Ms Heath Thew-Kerrison

Thank you for supporting Fruits and Veggie. You are his 6th donor. (He kept count and can recognize each donor by name.) 

Please enjoy and have a wonderful day. 

P.S. Fruits and Veggies had gone to find the elderly woman who collects cardboard that we saw yesterday. He will let me know if he found her when I get back from work tonight. I am likely to have overtime (work) today without additional pay again. One of my colleagues is sick today, so I have to cover for him. Posts will be either earlier or very late if you are looking for [God & Devil World] 







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[God & Devil World] Chapter 190: Lei Cheng fled!

santa clausThis chapter is sponsored by Louis Ow & Trygve Aspen. 

One more thing about donation: Please do not donate if you cannot afford to. More than 99.99% of the readers did not donate. We are ok with keeping things this way. We are NOT a profit maximising site that wants your money.

If you could not afford to donate, but you love our work, give us a shout in the comment and thank the donors and people who can afford to give. For those who cannot, there is NO OBLIGATION whatever to do so. Create a warm community and answer other reader’s comments. Give them a thumbs up, a like or whatever in their suggestions. Suggest something we could do to improve the reader’s experience.

Charity Drive: Just drop a comment or question you have or reply to another reader’s comments. For each comment, I will donate 30 cents, capped at $10 to the orphan home. Some readers have excellent questions, and I could not answer all of them myself. 🙂 I monitor all comments in a 24 hours period (I am a moderator so I can and do keep track of comments). Enjoy! 


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[VW: Conquer the World] Chapter 10: Golden Slime King

donationYeah!!! This series had its first sponsor! This chapter is sponsored by Thomas Edwards. Please remember to thank him for his donation! 

A word about donation:

Please, do not donate to us because you pity fruits & veggies and I for being deaf. Frankly, there are so many people worldwide that need help who are much worse off than us. For example, the elderly, the orphans, the physically handicapped and the intellectual handicapped. In fact, we donate part of the proceeds to these people who really needs help in our charity drive for a local orphanage here. 

We did not announce our deafness to gather donations. It is part of who we are, and our identity. We talk about our deafness openly, and perhaps share with the world unique insights into the life of two ordinary deaf men.

We do welcome donations from people who love our work of translating the novels, and fruits’ and veggies’ unique novel. After all, we did work hard for these. Each chapter took about 4-5 hours to translate, and come complete with pictures, link to glossary, etc. Yes, I know, I need not do all of these. But it enhances the reader’s experience, and provide a more enjoyable experience, yes? We are glad you like our work and donate to us.

Today I was happy that there is a generous donor. But his note stated that he did not quite trust us, and hope we are really deaf and were not trying to cheat him. His worries were not without reason. There are many frauds out there who will be happy to take your money and disappeared. I offered to refund him every cent he donated. Fruits and Veggies and I are not handicap beggars. We do not solicit donations for being deaf or poor. Please only donate if you like our work and want us to continue doing a good job. There is no obligation whatever to donate. Your being here means the world to us and I do not want to ruin this relationship. 

So please, if you want to do your good deed for Christmas, do not donate to us just because we are deaf or poor. Your monies would be much better spent helping those who really need it. I am sure that your local community can use the help. I am sure that salvation army will be out in full force, as do many charities in your area. God bless you! Have a Merry Christmas and a happy new year!


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[God & Devil World] Chapter 189: The Sea of Zombies Temporary Retreats!

cardbox collector

A sad plight that is becoming very common in most Chinese cities. Scores of elderly who recycled cardboard boxes for a few cents to survive each day. No, it is just a picture I found online and not the lady we met. We did not take her photo. But it perfectly illustrated what we seen with our own eyes.

This chapter is sponsored by Brian Rose. He is a sweet man, and even purchase a cake for the orphans.

Today this post is later than usual because Fruits and Veggies and I were out searching the rubbish chute area for cardboard boxes so that we could pack our stuff. We were quite successful and managed to find close to 20 discarded cardboard boxes.

Then an elderly woman with a trolley approached us. She was very skinny and old and frail. She was also collecting cardboard boxes for recycling so that she can earn some monies for her meal. It was cold but she did not seem to wear enough. I was on hearing aids, and I could speak normally, and from her, I learnt that each day she would scourge the refuse chutes for cardboard. Then she would sell these cardboards to the recycling supplier for few cents. She did not have any children to support her, and she made her living like this. She was worse off than we were. We were embarrassed and gave her our cardboards to support her. After all, we were healthy men and should not fight with the elderly for a living right?

On the way back, I face-palmed. Wait a minute, why didn’t we just buy all the cardboard boxes from her? It would be a win-win situation. We could offer her 10 dollars for the cardboard boxes. It would be a lot more than what she made in a week. It would also be much cheaper than buying the cardboard boxes from stores. I signed to Fruits and Veggies, and the two of us ran back and searched everywhere in the nearby area for her, to no avail.  We could only walk back in disappointment. Well, we could try again another day.

Please pray that we find her tomorrow, ok?

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